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Large selection of trees, shrubs, flowers, edibles, succulents, native – all grown for our local planting zone.

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Not only do we have a huge variety of plants, we also carry a great selection of  everything you need to keep your gardens looking beautiful – containers & pottery, soils & fertilizers, insecticides, tools, gifts and much more.

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What’s new at Lincoln Ave Nursery?

Summer 2024 is Here!

We’ve been having some pretty warm weather so make sure to pay extra attention to your watering schedules for your plants.

A few quick tips:

  • Add extra mulch to reduce evaporation
  • Adjust automatic sprinklers
  • Avoid watering during the hottest times of the day

We’ve Got Big Plans (and Plants) for This Year!

We’re hoping to focus on offering more plants and services that you have all been asking about. If you’re on our email list, you received our survey that provided us with some very valuable information. For example, we can now confirm that many of you are very interested in Native Plants. High on the list also is growing vegetables and herbs. Hopefully we be able to provide a great selection as well as add some helpful content on our social media channels on best practices for successful results.